Panasonic – PABX – TES-TEM-TEB-TA PT Programing

Daftar nomer program pada PABX Panasonic type TEB-TES-TEM (juga termasuk type TA)
Level: [Advance]

Date & Time [000]
System Speed Dialling Number [001]
System Password [002]
DSS Console Jack Assignment [003]
Console Paired Telephone [004]
One-touch Transfer Using a DSS Button [005]
Time Service Switching Mode [006]
Time Service Start Time [007]
Operator Assignment [008]
Extension Number [009]
LCD Time Display [010]
System Speed Dialling Name [011]
Second Feature Numbering Plan [012]
KX-T7710 One-touch Dialling [013]
Hunting Group Set [100]
Hunting Type [101]
DTMF Integration Port [102]
DTMF Integration [103]
SLT Hold Mode [104]
Conference Tone [105]
External Pager Access Tone [106]
DTMF Receiver Check [107]
Flash/Recall Mode for a Locked Extension [108]
CO Indicator [109]
Flash/Recall Key Mode [110]
Music on Hold [111]
DSS Lamp Mode [112]
Automatic Redial Repeat Count [113]
Automatic Redial Interval [114]
Extension Ring Tone Pattern [115]
Conference Pattern [116]
Call Pickup Tone [117]
Pulse Restriction [118]
Redialling after Pulse to Tone Conversion [119]
Bell Frequency [120]
Automatic Line Access [121]
Automatic Rotation for CO Line Access [122]
Break Ratio [123]
TRS Check for * and # [125]
DSS Off-hook Mode [126]
Pickup Group [127]
Ringback Tone Pattern [128]
VM 1 APT Port [130]
VM 2 APT Port [131]
SLT Ring/Silence Ratio [142]
SLT Ring Bell-on Time [143]
SMS Centre Number for Receiving [145]
SMS Routing Table?CO [146]
SMS Routing Table?Extension [147]
SLT Caller ID Signalling Type [150]
SLT Caller ID Line Access Number [151]
Automatic Time Adjustment [152]
Incoming Reverse [153]
Hold Recall Time [200]
Transfer Recall Time [201]
Call Forwarding Start Time [202]
Hot Line Waiting Time [203]
Call Duration Counter Start [204]
CO-to-CO Line Call Duration [205]
Dialling Start Time [206]
Hookswitch Flash Timing Range [207]
Inter-digit Time [208]
DTMF Time [210]
No Dial Disconnection [211]
Extension-to-CO Line Call Duration [212]
Bell-off Detection [213]
BV Recording Time [214]
Common/Personal BV OGM Recording Time [215]
Carrier Exception Code [300]
TRS?System Speed Dialling Class [301]
TRS?COS 2-5 Denied Code [302-305]
TRS?Exception Code [306]
Emergency Number [309]
Account Code [310]
Automatic Pause Insertion Code [311]
TRS?Extension Lock Class [312]
ARS Selection [350]
Route 1-4 Selection Code [351-354]
Route 1-4 Exception Code [355-358]
1st Carrier Selection Code [359]
ARS Modification?Removed Digits [360]
ARS Modification?Added Number [361]
ARS Dial Tone [362]
ARS Inter-digit Time [363]
ARS CO Line Group [364]
Route 1-4 Authorisation Code [381-384]
Route 1-4 Itemised Billing [385-388]
Itemised Billing Code [389]
Authorisation and Itemised Billing Code Order [390]
CO Line Connection [400]
Dial Mode [401]
Pulse Speed [402]
Host PBX Access Code [403]
CO Line Group Number [404]
Flexible Outward Dialling?Day/Night/Lunch [405-407]
Flexible Ringing?Day/Night/Lunch [408-410]
Delayed Ringing?Day/Night/Lunch [411-413]
CO Line Mode?Day/Night/Lunch [414-416]
Pause Time [417]
Flash/Recall Time [418]
Automatic Designated Line Access [419]
CPC Signal Detection?Incoming [420]
CPC Signal Detection?Outgoing [421]
Disconnect Time [422]
CO Line Ring Tone Pattern [423]
Polarity Reverse Detection [424]
Collect Call Block [425] (Brazil only)
Distinctive Ring Detection (DRD) [426] (New Zealand only)
DRD Ring Pattern 2 Extension Assignment?Day/Night/Lunch [427-429] (New Zealand only)
DRD Ring Pattern 3 Extension Assignment?Day/Night/Lunch [430-432] (New Zealand only)
DRD Pattern 2 and 3 Ring Tone [433-434] (New Zealand only)
DISA IRNA to BV?Day/Night/Lunch [438-440]
DISA Incoming Call Dial Mode [500]
DISA Built-in AA [501]
FAX Connection [503]
DISA Delayed Answer Time [504]
DISA Wait Time after OGM [505]
DISA Busy Mode [506]
DISA Intercept Mode [507]
DISA Ring Time before Intercept [508]
DISA Ring Time after Intercept [509]
DISA No Dial Mode [510]
DISA Security Mode [511]
DISA Security Code [512]
Cyclic Tone Detection [513]
FAX Tone Detection [514]
Intercept Time for Internal DISA [515]
DISA Incoming Assignment [516]
DISA AA Wait Time [517]
DISA Tone after Security Code [518]
OGM Mute Time [519]
UCD Group [520]
UCD Busy Waiting Time [521]
UCD OGM Message Interval Time [522]
UCD Busy Mode [523]
UCD Intercept Mode [524]
UCD Ring Time before Intercept [525]
UCD Ring Time after Intercept [526]
UCD Waiting Message [527]
DISA Security Code Digits [530]
DISA Ringback Tone [531]
3-level AA Assignment [540-549]
Clear All OGMs of DISA/UCD [599]
Extension Group [600]
TRS-COS?Day/Night/Lunch [601-603]
Extension Name [604]
Account Code Mode [605]
Call Transfer to CO Line [606]
Call Forwarding to CO Line [607]
Executive Busy Override [608]
DND Override [609]
Parallelled Telephone [610]
TAM Extension [611]
Room Monitor [612]
CO Line Call Duration Limitation [613]
Internal Pulse Detection [614]
LCD Language [615]
Extension Name in Cyrillic [616]
Message Waiting for Another Extension [618]
SLT Message Waiting [619]
LCS Recording Mode Set [620]
BV Resource [621]
BV for Extension [622]
BV Access Code through CO Line [625]
BGM Control for APT [626]
SLT Ring Wait Time for New Call [627]
SLT Caller ID [628]
SLT Fixed Bell Pattern [629]
Doorphone Ringing?Day/Night/Lunch [700-702]
Door Opener?Day/Night/Lunch [703-705]
Doorphone Ring Tone Pattern [706]
Doorphone Access Tone [707]
Doorphone Ring Time [708]
Door Open Duration [709]
Doorphone Ring/Chime [710]
Doorphone Chime Assignment [711]
Doorphone Chime Pattern [712]
SMDR RS-232C Parameter [800]
SMDR Parameter [801]
Incoming/Outgoing Call Selection for Printing [802]
Secret Number SMDR Print Suppression [803]
System Data Dump [804]
SMDR Account Code [805]
SMDR Language [806]
BV Total Recording Time [807]
BV Card Initialisation [808]
Caller ID [900]
Caller ID Area Code [901]
Caller ID Modification for Local Calls [902]
Caller ID Modification for Long-distance Calls [903]
Caller ID Log Priority [904]
Caller ID Automatic 0 Addition [905]
Caller ID SMDR Format [906]
Caller ID SMDR Printout [907]
Common Area Call Log Check [909]
Caller ID Type [910]
Call Log Next Page [927]
SMDR Mode for Printing [929]
Call Forwarding Selection [963]
TRS Check after Answering [966]
TRS Check Time after Answering [967]
KX-T7700 Series Incoming Lamp Control [968]
Country [995]
Firmware Version [998]
System Data Clear [999]

About the author

Dedi Suryawardana Just an ordinary people from Jagad Besmah. Currently work on a Tropical Palm Oil Mill at Kalimantan Barat (West Borneo) as Electrical Supervisor.


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  6. arie iskandar Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    mas mau tanya dong..
    klo tdn 1232 kan sudh pke acc code kira” bsa g di barengin sma speed dial..

    • Bisa. Dengan catatan ext yg akan digunakan utk menelpon keluar diberi hak akses untuk ambil line, meski sudah diberi restrict misal hanya interkom

      • arie iskandar INDONESIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

        cara seting nya di mna bang..??

        • Dedi AUSTRALIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

          untuk setting speed dial ada di (program 001)

          isi saja misal dari lokasi 001, 002, 003 dan seterusnya.

          misal di lokasi 001 mau diisi nomer telp 08123456789, lokasi 002 mau diisi nomer 08134567890

          cara mengisinya:
          masuk menu program -> masuk program 001

          tekan tombol SP-Phone untuk pindah ke lokasi selanjutnya, tekan tombol Redial untuk ke menu sebelumnya, atau bisa juga menggunakan roll kiri kanan dari digital key phone.

          di lokasi 001, isi: 9F08123456789
          lokasi 002, isi: 9F08134567890

          9 merupakan kode untuk ambil line
          F merupakan kode pause/flash, berhenti sebentar. Tapi sebenarnya ini bisa juga di skip misal jadi 908123456789 atau 908134567890

          Cara pakai:
          Angkat gagang -> tekan *01 (untuk menelepon ke no 08123456789)

          Angkat gagang -> tekan *02 (untuk menelepon ke no 08134567890)

          • arie iskandar Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

            dan untuk mengkombinasi acc code dengan speed dial bgmna pak..??

          • Tujuannya apa memasukkan account ke speed dial?

            Kalau mau tinggal isi saja lokasi speed dial dengan cara persis seperti akan menelepon menggunakan account termasuk no tujuan.

            Tapi ini secara logika tidak efektip, sebab disystem, speed dial itu secara defaultnya restrictnya sudah bebas (unrestrict), jadi tidak perlu menggunakan kode account lagi. Cukup isi lokasi speed dial dengan no tujuan, selesai.

            Hasilnya sama saja dengan mengisi account code.

            Ilustrasinya begini:
            Speed dial 001 kita pasang utk memanggil no tujuan 08123456789.

            Pada lokasi 001 kita isi:

            Atau bandingkan dengan isi menggunakan accoun code:


            lebih simple cara yang pertama bukan? :)

          • arie iskandar Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

            berarti klo di kombiasi dengan acc code g bisa ya bag..!!
            soalnya saya mau menyimpan suatu akses untuk panggiln keluar..
            jd acc code di gabungkan dengan speed dial itu bang..

          • Dikombinasi bisa saja. Tapi namanya speed dial itu fungsinya hanya satu kali pakai untuk “dial”
            Terserah mau dikombinasikan dgn fitus speed dial, walking cos, personal number dll

  7. arie iskandar Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    bang klo biling syestem di gabungin dengan VOIP kira” biling system nya bisa tampil g bang..??
    untuk panggiln keluar tujuan HP,SLJJdan SLI..??
    dia pke PABX NEC…

  8. syuardi kasrie AUSTRALIA Google Chrome Windows says:

    jumpa lagi kang selamat siang …
    nanya lagi nih kang ..pabx tes 248 ,yg mana ada extension yg ingin d seting untuk out going lokal saja ..udah saya coba cos 03 tetap hanya bisa intercom mohon bantuannya kang ,terima kasih banyak

  9. putra INDONESIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    punten kang bade tumaros..
    di kantor saya ada meeting yg membutuhkan party conference, caranya gimana ya kang? Nuhun.. :D

    Nb: yg sayan gunakan :PABX Panasonic KX TEM824, Telp. panasonic KX T7730

  10. masmughni Opera Mini says:

    Bang Ded, mau nanya apakah card SLC, DHLC, Disa pada TDA 100 bisa dipasang di TDA 100 D, matur nuwun Bang Dedi

  11. masmughni Opera Mini says:

    Mas Dedi, mau nanya program sadap telp untuk pabx TA, supaya nada tone waktu kita mulai proses sadap tidak bunyi, gimana caranya? terima kasih.

  12. Jamie Scott Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Well crafted post, properly researched and also useful for myself in the future.

  13. harnowo Google Chrome Windows says:

    Assalamualikum wr.wb
    Salam kenal Mas Dedi, dan mohon pencerahan dari Mas Dedi.
    Saya menggunakan pabx Panasonic KX-TEM824, dengan 1 line TELKOM dan 8 extension. Saat ini hanya bisa interkom.
    1. Bagaimana caranya pabx bisa memanggil dan menerima panggilan walaupun tanpa operator.
    2. Cara programing supaya extention 102, 105 dan 106 bebas menelpon keluar, sedangkan sisa yang lainnya hanya interkom.
    Sekali lagi mohon pencerahan Mas Dedi, dan terima kasih banyak.
    Wassalamualaikum wr.wb

  14. Ade Google Chrome Windows says:

    Assalamu’alikum Bg Dedi.
    Saya mau tanya Bg, saya kan udah aktifkan MOH nya lewat 111, tapi saya masih kurang paham cara mengaplikasikannya.. soalnya saya pakai Mp3 player, dengan kondisi musik nya harus tetap “play”, jika musiknya tidak “play”, nada tunggunya kosong…

    Mohon pencerahannya Bang..


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